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arch bricks
arch bricks
arch bricks


In-line with demand for cost efficient building solutions, LiteSpeed has developed a high quality, rapid manufacturing process for the offsite manufacture of innovative, lightweight prefabricated arches built to order.
Authentically replicating traditional or complex brick arch detailing and designed for either structural or non-structural purposes, our finished arches are delivered directly to site and can be easily lifted and fixed to the building structure.

Benefits of LiteSpeed Arch Solutions:

  • Authentic look and high quality finish
  • Light and easy to install
  • Suitable as structural or non-structural arch components
  • Made to order – size and colour
  • Cost efficient to use

Construction of our pre-fabricated arches takes place at our manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire.

Used in unison with steel lintels for structural integrity, LiteSpeed’s lightweight, non-structural arches replicate those seen over openings on many fine buildings that were traditionally constructed by skilled bricklayers. Made to order and manufactured by our skilled designers and operators at our offsite manufacturing facility, arch units are available in any length and in prefabricated form consist of brick slips bonded to a lightweight but strong insulated backing panel.
In addition to cosmetic, pre-fabricated arches, LiteSpeed provide one piece fully structural arch solutions consisting of brick slips bonded to either concrete or steel backing. Both propositions provide cost effective alternatives to traditional building methods and are considerably lighter and easier to install. Full structural calculations and technical drawings are available for each bespoke arch to satisfy your Building Control officer.

Arch Types
Please see below a selection of arch types. Contact us to discuss requirements.