Pre-formed brick clad chimneys Lightweight, easy to fit, perfect match

LiteSpeed Chimney Systems are designed individually to fit any roof regardless of pitch or position. We can manufacture both working or cosmetic types of chimney to suite our customers’ needs. Each chimney is hand built at our offsite manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire using either a standard or bespoke design using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which we then clad with real brick slips or other materials collected from site to make a finished product which is lightweight but strong yet perfectly blends to each individual building.

LiteSpeed offer a number of pre-defined sub frame designs and fixing methods depending on the required style of the chimney. All our brick-clad Chimneys conform to the latest CGFMA construction standards.


Key benefits and Features

  • Authentic and accurate look – Our high-quality production methods and use of real brick slips mean every chimney we deliver matches perfectly to the rest of the building.
  • Lightweight, robust and durable – Using GRP materials together with modern production methods LiteSpeed’s skilled technicians manufacture Chimneys that are built to last.
  • Low or no structural re-enforcement required – Manufactured from the latest lightweight materials means our chimneys commonly require no structural re-enforcement.
  • Quick and easy to fit – Once delivered our chimneys are quick and easy to lift and fit. Fixing kits and instructions also available.
  • Functional designs – Whether fully working or purely decorative LiteSpeed can manufacture pre-fabricated chimneys to order that look and function as intended.